The fiber specification:

  • Carbon fiber: density 1.80g/cm3, good adhesion with resin, higher specific strength, higher specific modulus, good heat and electric conductive, electromag netic interference(EMI), and allow penetration of X-ray.
  • Fiberglass: density 2.54g/cm3, cheaper, high impact, and electric insulation.
  • Kevlar: damp proof, sturdy, high impact resistance, and low den sity (1.44g/cm3).
  • HDP (High strength polymer fiber): low density (1.35g/cm 3), multiple colors at your disposal, affordable pricing.


Furnishing textiles, including curtains, curtain lining, shower curtains, sheets, seat covers, table cloths, and base fabric for towels. These textiles blends or interweave with cotton, polyamide, and polyester. They are characterized by their light resistant, down-proof, waterproof, water repellent, stain release, mold resistant, deodorizing, bacteria resistance and flame retardant qualities. Style and appearance can be altered to accommodate popular fashion trends by adding two-tone, melange, dobby, printing, and finishing. Our unique fabric provides you a more aesthetic and pleasant feeling to your home environment.


This is 100% polyester containing phosphorous molecules. A permanent flame retardant is given by the phosphorous within the frame work of the polymer. It is directly linked into the polymer chain and cannot be moved. The textile of such kind will not produce heavy smoke or poisonous fumes when burned, and if the source of the fire is removed, this fabric will be selfextinguishing. It is light resistant and has almost no shrinkage or wrinkles because of its high dimensional stability. It has a high stain resistance, easy to take care and rapid drying qualities. Its wide application is adopted in home textiles, office chair covers, baby's cradle fabric, wall fabric, artificial flowers, and soft toy stuffing. Furthermore, it is also vastly used in hotels, restaurants, karaoke, hospitals, conference halls, theaters, cinemas, ships, airplanes, and cars. This textile has been approved or already met by most of the important international safety standards. We would like to supply all kinds of flame retardant upholstery fabric, such as: woven, knitted, laminated, tricot for lining, or curtain fabric.

It can also be paper printed, embossed, and calendared. In order to increase its value. We would also be glad to provide flame-retardant yarns as listed below: Fire-Retardant Spun Yarn (10's~40's), textured yarn.


Fire emergencies cannot be predicted. When a fire ignites, occupants may only have a few minutes to evacuate. However, with NOMEX flame retardant fabric, valuab le seconds can be gained, possibly providing the difference between life and death.


Our anti-static woven fabrics are made of special polyester filament yarns combined with Du Pont's state of-the-art conductive NEGA-STAT ®.

NEGA-STAT® is a multi-filament, bi-component conductive yarn. Each yarn contains a tribal shaped cross section carbon core. The core is an electrically conductive and black compound carbon and is entirely surrounded by a sheath of Du Pont's Dacron® polyester material. This, along with our special warping, weaving, dyeing and finishing pr ocesses, assures the electrostatic discharge effect of the anti-static fabric.

The Dacron® polyester sheath naturally provides a protective film preventing impairment of the conductive function at the sterile room wear laundry, and prevent the particle generation at the workplace.

Our anti-static fabric also can be additionally treated with functional finishing, such as high durability to washing, soft finish, excellent resistance to chemicals, water repellency, water proof, and fast drying. The Dacron® sheath and these finishes ensure all the functions thru the anti-static fabric’s entire life-span.


We are always keen to find suitable fabrics for casual wear, sportswear, ski wear, windbreakers, and industrial work wear.

Available in taffeta, satin, oxford, both-side, gingham, yarn dyed, metallic shine, interweave, melange, calendaring, emboss, dobby, sheer-sucker, mat weave, rib, fancy rib, and tropical rainbow color. Important characteristics of this type of cloth are its durable water repellency, waterproof, oil repellent, stain release, down proof, anti-tack, wind-breaking, high tearing strength, wrinkle-proof, soft finishing, wax-like, foam coating, sun protection treatment, waterproof with moisture permeable, warmness, golden or silver coating, pearl coating, color added for sliver coating, opal printing, discharge printing, stretchable, peach skin, suede-like, thermal resistant and flame retardant, abrasion resistant Kevlar fabric, crease resist finishing, preshrunk finishing and anti-static (for clothing used in the electronic and oil refini ng industries.)


An American Du Pont trademark, this core spun yarn has excellent elastic characteristics and is extremely suitable for tight clothes, such as aerobatic wears, casual outfit, yoga clothes, leisure clothes, bicycle and indoor exercise clothes, beach wear, and anything that requires second-skin feeling.


We represent tire cord, chafer, and conveyor ducks. Our tyre cord plant is a renowned manufacturer in the world with the capacity of 4,300 tons per month. The main processes are twisting, weaving, dipping and packing. We use the latest machinery and experiment equipment from Germany, France, Switzerland and Japan to strictly ensure its product quality. Our products have been promoted to the world-renowned tyre manufacturers in Asia-pacific and other areas, ISO certified, and have reliable quality to our customers.


Including the touch of cotton and the characteristic of filament, high anti-wrinkle effect, and good outcome for hanging performance. Can have different performance if collocating with different characteristic core yarns.


Polyethylene terephthalate fiber with characteristics of good p rocessing performance when mixing with other fiber, resistance to crushing, great thermal stability, photo stability, chemical stability. Can be used in spinning, non-wove a nd stuff staple fibers, and etc. Applications can be categor ized into SD, BR, FD, CD, exceptional functional products, and any C ustomized products.


Polyethylene terephthalate Partial Oriented Yarn. Applications can be categorized into SD, BR, FD, CD, wide variety of products, exceptional functional products, and any Customized production. Can be used in draw textured yarn plant, and has a huge variety of application.


Polyethylene Terephthalate Draw Textured Yarn. Applications can be categorized into SD, BR, FD, CD, wide variety of products, exceptional functional products, and any customized production. Can be used in knitting, Woven and a good variety of application.

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